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Faucet List

Dogecoin Faucets

Earn By Claims

Akhil doge Faucet4 min0.2Claim Now
Doge-faucet1 Hr0.18 - 2Claim Now
Proinfinity25 sec0.08 - 0.18Claim Now
Earnfreedoge60 Sec0.1Claim Now
Forumcoin Doge1 Min0.03Claim Now
Power doge1 Hr0.08 - 0.12Claim Now doge10 Min0.3Claim Now
Instant doge0 timer . You can claim once in a day
to collect more or you can claim
every 5 minutes to collect even more.
Joining bonus 10 DogeJoin and Claim Now
Premium Faucet Network Doge3 MinUpto 0.33Claim Now
Queenfaucet doge5 Min0.2Claim Now

Doge Auto Faucet for fast level up

Faucetclaimer FloodGateLevel up Now
Bin WhiteLevel up Now

Bitcoin Faucets

Earn By View ads

NameEarn By Viewing Ads
Kickasstraffic Claim Now
Adbtc Claim Now

Earn By Claims

Btc4free15 MinUpto 20Claim Now
Btc4free25 MinUpto 20Claim Now
Premiumfaucetnetwork5 MinUpto 100Claim Now (BTC, Doge, POT,LTC,BTX and KB3)
Can set how many ads you want on claiming page. The more ads the more payouts. PTC also available
0Upto 20Claim Now
Crypto-faucet Hyip30 Min10Claim Now
Goodfaucet300 Min22 to 100Claim Now
Instant BTC0 timer . You can claim once in a day to collect more or you can claim every 5 minutes to collect even more. Joining bonus 75 btc satJoin and Claim Now
Treasure bits5 Min10 to 40Claim Now
Goldenfreesatoshi5 Min19 to 100Claim Now
Queenfaucet5 Min8Claim Now
Cryptoclaimer30 MinUpto 50Claim Now
Dailyfreebits60 Min5 - 1200Claim Now
Hotcoins.cf10 Min5 to 15Claim Now
Freerollbtc5 Min10 - 100Claim Now
1katoshi3 MinUpto 12Claim Now
Freebitcoin60 Min25 - 500Claim Now
Gr84 Min8Claim Now
Bigbtc.win5 MinUpto 200Claim Now
Faucet Bitcoin2460 Min10 - 500Claim Now
Top BTC Club30 Min21Claim Now
Faucethero4 Min8Claim Now
bitLucky5 Min3-5Claim Now
Forumcoin5 Min8Claim Now
Bitcoin-s5 Min10Claim Now
Fautsy 5 Min7Claim Now
bitgolden5 Min3-5Claim Now
bitsilver5 Min3-5Claim Now

Ethereum Faucets

8raa5 Min25 - 250Claim Now
Efir Topbtcclub15 Min150Claim Now
5 MinUpto 250Claim Now speedy eth1 Min25Claim Now
Bitcoin-s Ethereum5 Min100Claim Now
Bitcoinclub ETH3 Min60 - 120Claim Now
Vivocoin5 Min25 - 150Claim Now
Queenfaucet ETH5 Min100Claim Now
More coming very soon.  Keep visiting

Litecoin Faucets

LTC TopBTC.Club10 Min500Claim Now
Premiumfaucetnetwork LTC5 Min1000Claim Now
Queenfaucet LTC5 Min400Claim Now
8rra LTC5 Min50 - 500Claim Now
Bitcoin-s LTC5 Min500Claim Now
Cryptoclaimer LTC5 Min50 - 500Claim Now
Bitcoinclub LTC3 Min250 - 350Claim Now
Forumcoin1 Min100-130Claim Now

BlackCoin Faucets

Earn By Claims

Fade to Blackcoin15 Min0.003 - 0.006Claim Now
Premiumfaucetnetwork5 Min0.002Claim Now
Cryptoclaimer BLK0 Min0.003Claim Now
Alinafaucet BLK0 Min0.0005 - 0.0035Claim Now
MMBitcoLink Blk3 Min0.00035Claim Now
MulticoinFaucet BLK3 Min0.0032Claim Now
Queen Faucet5 Min0.002Claim Now
Alekscoin BLK10 Min0.0015 - 0.0080Claim Now
Namaidani10 Min0.0002 - 0.01Claim Now

BLK Auto Faucet for fast level up and auto claim

Faucetclaimer FloodGateClaim Now
Bin WhiteLevel up Now

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